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This is the second part of a two post series by one of our certified health coaches, Emily Burrows. Please look at the first part here: What if Weight Loss Doesn’t Make our Clients Healthier? UNCG Health Coaching recognizes that there are a diversity of opinions about this issue, and encourages thoughtful discussion that helps us learn to […]

I’m making an assumption here, but if you are the kind of person who decided to be a health coach, you are probably the kind of person that is empathetic, wants to help people and genuinely cares for, maybe even love, your clients. Good coaches are empathetic people. We can feel for our clients and […]

We are excited to announce our new partnership with HealthyUNCG, UNCG’s employee wellness program! Starting this fall, UNCG employees (faculty and staff) can receive free coaching services. If you are an employee, please see the HealthyUNCG Coaching Services page to learn more and sign up.

We are excited to announce our two newest modules: Hypertension Cardiovascular Disease and Stroke We hope that they are helpful for coaches integrating their tools and skills into helping clients with these common health concerns! As you may know, we have been adding modules for health and wellness knowledge to help our coaches prepare for […]

Emily Burrows – Self Care Coaching Emily is a self care coach and yoga instructor based out of Chapel Hill, North Carolina. After a period of working in public health, she found herself at a crossroads, unsure of what she wanted to do next – counseling and workplace wellness were both appealing, but not perfect […]

Scarlett Ruppert – “You’re Health Coaching even when you’re not Health Coaching.” Scarlett is currently a 2nd year student in UNCG’s Masters of Public Health Education program. Additionally, she is a Graduate Assistant with HealthyUNCG (UNCG’s employee wellness program) and interning with Elon BrainCARE.  She initially found health coaching through her job at HealthyUNCG. Their […]