Nicole Puccinelli-Ortega currently works as a Qualitative Research Associate at Wake Forest Baptist Health. After attending our June 2018 training, she now incorporates health coaching into her role as an interventionist on a study with individuals who have survived cancer. She uses motivational interviewing techniques to support them in making healthy choices while also promoting […]

Jenita Lyons – “When you consider all of those barriers, health coaching sounds great but it’s not at the top of their list.” From her experience previously working as a full-time health coach, Jenita knew that adding health coaching to the menu of services offered by Norton Children’s Hospital could be beneficial for their patient […]

This is the second part of a two post series by one of our certified health coaches, Emily Burrows. Please look at the first part here: What if Weight Loss Doesn’t Make our Clients Healthier? UNCG Health Coaching recognizes that there are a diversity of opinions about this issue, and encourages thoughtful discussion that helps us learn to […]

I’m making an assumption here, but if you are the kind of person who decided to be a health coach, you are probably the kind of person that is empathetic, wants to help people and genuinely cares for, maybe even love, your clients. Good coaches are empathetic people. We can feel for our clients and […]

We are excited to announce our two newest modules: Hypertension Cardiovascular Disease and Stroke We hope that they are helpful for coaches integrating their tools and skills into helping clients with these common health concerns! As you may know, we have been adding modules for health and wellness knowledge to help our coaches prepare for […]

Are you planning to take the ICHWC National Exam? We are currently preparing a series of online modules to help you prepare for the health and wellness competencies. Our second module is on a topic that we find many of our clients wanting to focus on: Physical Activity! To check it out, go here: Physical […]