The Department of Public Health Education at UNCG offers a UNCG Health Coach Certificate for those who complete the Health Coach Certificate Training (Track 1) as well as a satisfactory review of additional certificate materials. This Certification alone does not satisfy the requirements for those who wish to sit for the National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching (NBHWC) exam. The Track 1 training serves as a foundation training for those who desire the skills of becoming a health coach.

Coming in Fall 2021 will be a Track 2 Training, approved by the National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching. Upon successful completion of this training (which includes additional virtual trainings, self-paced modules and a practical skills assessment), participants will be eligible to sit for the National exam. See below under National Certification for more information!

UNCG Health Coach Certificate Requirements:

For those interested in obtaining the UNCG Health Coach Certificate, and to be eligible to move on to the Track 2 training, the following requirements must be completed within one year from your date of completion of the Health Coach Certificate Training.

*If you are moving on to Track 2, you will need to complete these requirements in the 3 months following your training:

  1. Complete the UNCG Health Coach Certificate Training (Track 1)
  2. Score 70% or higher on the online exam
  3. Verify at least six coaching sessions completed with one client following the completion of training (Use the form: Form – verification of hours)
  4. Submit an audio clip (must be full length of your coaching session; minimum of 30 minutes).
  5. Submit a typed transcript of the recorded session with a personal reflection of coaching included 
  6. Submit your coaching notes from each session (template provided in training)
  7. Submit a summarized reflection of coaching experiences, strengths, challenges, growth, and future goals for coaching

See this page for instructions on how to submit materials: Submitting your Certification Materials

Please read more in-depth about our Certification Requirements here.

Please note:  An additional fee of $150 is required for the review of your certificate materials. Upon satisfactory review of your certificate materials, you will earn the UNCG Health Coach Certificate. Please submit the Payment Submission Form with your payment to be considered for the UNCG Health Coach Certificate.

National Certification

As of March 2021, “University of North Carolina Greensboro – Health Coaching Program” has been awarded “Pending Approval” status by the National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching (NBHWC). In order to be eligible for the NBHWC’s exam, you must complete the UNCG Health Coach Training (Track 1) and you will then need to complete the Track 2 training (starting fall 2021) to include additional live (virtual) training sessions, self-paced modules, and practical skills assessment. You must complete all stages of the training and pass the necessary exam in order to be considered for the National Board exam. The UNCG Health & Wellness Certificate will then be the verification that NBHWC needs to confirm that you have completed an approved training with experience and feedback from faculty.

The UNCG Health Coach Certificate Training is also a Center for Credentialing & Education (CCE) Approved Board Certified Coach (BCC) training provider. This course is approved as a 30 hour BCC training course. You must complete the UNCG Health Coach Training and complete a satisfactory review of your UNCG Health Coach Certificate materials to meet the 30 training hours.