Certification: Submitting your Certification Materials

Please read all of these instructions before submitting.

  1. Put all of your materials into one folder on your computer.
               If you aren’t sure whether you have all your materials, please check our Certification Requirements page. 
  2. Make sure the file names of each file and the folder have your first and last name in them.
              For example: “Jane_Smith_CoachingMaterials”, “Jane_Smith_Reflection.docx”
  3. “Zip” the folder.
               If you don’t know how to zip a file, learn here: Zip and Unzip Files for Windows or Zip Files on Mac OS X
  4. Submit your materials to our online box link: Health Coaching Submission.
              Please include your email address when you submit to make sure that we have your materials associated with your name.

Congrats! You’ve submitted your materials for grading! We will send you a confirmation email within one week of receiving your materials. If you do not receive this email, please check your spam filter then check in with us to make sure we have received them. Once we get your materials and your payment, we will put you in line for review.