Health and Wellness Modules: Physical Activity Module

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this module, you should by able to:

  1. Know the recommended amount of physical activity for different populations 
  2. List the benefits of physical activity
  3. Recognize factors positively and negatively associated with physical activity
  4. Briefly explain what the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) recommends for physical activity guidelines
  5. Provide information about some of the latest wearable technologies and apps for tracking physical activity

Why do coaches need to know this?

ICHWC Content Outline for Physical Activity and Health Coaching – Regular physical activity reduces the risk of many chronic diseases, including heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, and depression. The coach must be familiar with current recommendations for healthy adult exercise according to HHS guidelines. Given the prevalence of mobile devices and wearable technologies that track physical activity, the coach should also be able to support the client with awareness of evidence-based methods used to track physical activity.

Outline for Module

This module is designed to be completed in the listed order, as each lesson builds on the last one.  It starts with a knowledge assessment, continues with readings from the CDC and Healthy People, then has four application-based lessons and a post-quiz.

Please access the next section of the module from this website or from the message you receive after completing a section.

  1. Pre-Quiz (5 min) START HERE
  2. Readings (10 min)
  3. Lesson 1 – Recommendations (10-20 min)
  4. Lesson 2 – Adventure Options (10-20 min)
  5. Lesson 3 – Physical Activity and Diet (10-15 min)
  6. Lesson 4 – Create your own Background (10-15 min)
  7. Post-Quiz (10 min)

Additional/Optional Resources