December Training!

Enjoying the snow before we realized it would stick!

We have just finished up another training! While this training was technically supposed to end December 9th, we had to take a surprise snow day. This ended up requiring some adjustment  we were not expecting! However, we used this as an opportunity to remind ourselves that, while planning can often get us to our goals, it is important to take time and have space for adjustment when plans fall through.

We worked with our participants and as a team to come up with suitable “make up work” for them. We had to think on our feet and think fast to develop a plan to help them get an experience similar to what they would have on the last day.

Through this challenge, we are very impressed with the hard work that our participants put in to continuing their education outside of the training. They watched and interacted with online lectures to replace the lectures they missed. They worked with one another on practicing their coaching skills, watched and interacted with online lectures. Lastly, they reflected on their experiences in writing. We believe this last reflective component is an important synthesis of the other elements involved with learning about health coaching. Many of them are continuing to interact and check-in with us.

The Health Coaching Team is excited to continue to meet new future health coaches in our trainings. We enjoy seeing and learning from the different ways that our participants plan to use their newfound skills in their careers and lives.

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