It Evokes Some Opinions to be a Coach

People who meet Brett Bowers and hear him speak about his work as a health coach often respond with furrowed brows and tilted heads. The confusion that surfaces when many people hear the term “health coach” is all too common. Many are unsure about why he chooses to identify himself as a coach when he is licensed as a Professional Counselor Supervisor and Clinical Addictions Specialist. The uncertainty of the legitimacy of Health Coaching as a field is not an uncommon notion. However, Brett uses these moments as opportunities for teaching and education. Becoming a Certified Health Coach has assisted Brett in the counseling services he provides to the students at NC Central University’s School of Law. Utilizing the skills and strategies he gained through the certification process has allowed Brett to better navigate his role as a counselor, especially when his clients want to work on issues that are technically out of his wheelhouse. When a student comes in and wants to address topics like physical activity or nutrition, Brett is able to coach his clients through these topics without overstepping the boundaries of his professional expertise.

For Brett, Health Coaching pairs well with his theoretical stance and orientation on therapy. Operating from a more humanistic standpoint, Brett finds comfort in the opportunity health coaching presents to take a step back from his role as the expert and intentionally focus on staying curious, accessing content, reflecting, and listening at a deep level. Brett has found flexibility and creativity in what is often conventionally perceived to be a rigid therapeutic framework.

As a strong proponent of the state of North Carolina’s university systems, Brett is proud to have found the opportunity to apply his passions in a setting that he loves. Born and raised in the Triad, Brett is proud a proud North Carolinian. He has been affiliated with 6 different universities and lived in 8 different towns. He is experienced in 5 National Parks and several different river basins. Brett loves North Carolina, so much so that he says he’d “probably turn into a pumpkin” if he crossed state lines.