December 2017 Training: Coaching Practice

For those of you that work or go to school with other participants in this program, we would like you to participate with them to practice coaching.
Email us to match you with someone if you are unable to find someone nearby. 

Regardless of which option you choose, please make sure you have access to materials while you go through the activity. We recommend printing everything out so you can read through them beforehand and then take notes. Budget an hour for the activity and reflection.

Option 1:  

“Triad Coaching” – this works with groups of three people.
This is what we recommend unless it is not feasible.

  • Each group should have one coach, one client, and one observer.
  • Read your specific role sheet: CoachClient, and Observer 
  • You will go through a 10-minute “practice session” then collectively reflect on the process.
  • Rotate through until each person has been a coach, a client and an observer.

Option 2:

If you are not able to find a third person, you may work in pairs.
Please record both sessions to help you reflect. (This session will not count as your audio recording for your certificate. It is just for your own reflection.)

  • Each pair should start with one coach and one client.
  • Read your specific role sheet: Coach and Client
  • Set up a video recorder – sound and picture quality is not important, phone cameras will work fine.
  • You will go through a 10-minute “practice session.”
  • Once you have practiced, you will watch the video and both act as “observers” to your own session.
  • Switch roles and repeat.


  • Email us with a short reflection, considering the following questions:
    • What did this activity teach you about:
      • your own coaching?
      • others’ coaching styles?
      • what it is like to be coached?
    • What are some things you could work on to be a more effective coach?