What We Do

Health Coaching Programs

UNCG Health Coaching Programs offer training, consultation, and coaching services. We are currently offering:

  • Health Coach Certificate Training (Level 1)
  • Advanced Health Coach Training (Level 2) – required to be eligible for NBHWC Certifying exam
  • Health Coaching for UNCG employees through HealthyUNCG
  • Skill based Webinars
  • Trainings tailored specifically for organizations or groups
  • Consultations for feedback and evaluation

Build Community

We are building a community of coaches in which resources, opportunities, stories, and questions can be shared among coaches. In the process of building this community we invite coaches to join our social networking sites.

Development for Coaches

In addition to the services provided by UNCG Health Coaching Programs, our team members also have a focus on tool development for coaches as well as research to provide data on the practice, process and outcomes of coaching.