“You Learn More About a Person from Listening”

Nicole Puccinelli-Ortega currently works as a Qualitative Research Associate at Wake Forest Baptist Health. After attending our June 2018 training, she now incorporates health coaching into her role as an interventionist on a study with individuals who have survived cancer. She uses motivational interviewing techniques to support them in making healthy choices while also promoting dynamic thinking.

Nicole saw health coaching as a way to enhance her existing skill set. More specifically, she is most excited for the opportunity to further develop her skills in reflective listening. She says that as much as she would like to make suggestions to her clients, they always seem to find their own way, which makes the whole experience worthwhile. Nicole knows that allowing the client to lead is important and that professionals in all areas of the healthcare field could benefit from the principles of the mindset shift. She also recognizes that all industries would benefit from this skillset.

When asked to give advice to any future coaches, Nicole states that you should trust what you learned during training. To remember that the ultimate goals are made for your client, not the coach. And to put the client in the driver’s seat and let them lead. When Nicole isn’t working, she loves traveling and meeting people from all over the world, taking care of her horse, Tucker, and donkey, Molly, and spending time with her husband and two boys.