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Are you planning to take the ICHWC National Exam? We are currently preparing a series of online modules to help you prepare for the health and wellness competencies. Our second module is on a topic that we find many of our clients wanting to focus on: Physical Activity! To check it out, go here: Physical […]

Georgia started her career by student teaching a health class. She had just graduated from ECU with a bachelor’s degree in Physical Education. Georgia recalls: “we had learned all about the different sports and how to teach physical education to the kids”. When she went in on that first day to help teach the health […]

We all get cravings every once in a while, right? Well, according to a research spotlight from the NIH, “cravings are known to contribute to addiction and obesity-related health outcomes”. This study shows that when we have cravings, it is something separate from hunger. The two are different and distinct feelings. This research shows how […]

Andi Weiss – “Education is Just a Piece of the Puzzle” “Health coaching changes the way we look at patients and their challenges. It puts patients in the driver’s seat, allows them to set their own agenda, and leads to sustained behavior change.” Andi works at MicroMass Communications, Inc., a company that applies health behavior […]

Alexis Steptoe – The Friend You Didn’t Know You Needed! Alexis currently works at NC State University as a Wellness Programs Coordinator. As a wellness coordinator, she also plays the role of health coach for both students and employees. Alexis earned her Masters of Public Health at UNCG in 2017.  While enrolled, she was a Graduate […]