Spotlight – Jennifer Pittman

Jennifer Pittman- “I’m using my own pain to empower others”

Jennifer is a stay at home mother of two children. Her oldest son has autism. Jennifer is also military spouse, business owner, public health educator, and health coach. She knows first hand the unique stressors women and girls often face.  Jennifer has used her very personal experiences with stress to create a digital platform to promote the whole health of women and girls: Love Life, Live Life Health Education Services. Launched about a year ago, Love Life, Live Life aims to promote better stress management to improve overall well-being.
When Jennifer decided to build her own business, she realized she wanted the necessary credentials to provide a tangible service to her clients. This is when she discovered UNCG’s health coaching training and decided to integrate health coaching into her business. As a graduate from UNCG, her love and trust for the university and the public health program was a driving force behind why she chose our health coach training over other programs. Jennifer provides health coaching services through her fully digital business in which she uses Facetime, Skype and other online meeting tools to connect with her clients.

In her Level Up program, a personal health and development experience, Jennifer has made connections with teenage girls experiencing family trauma and issues with miscommunication.  In this program, Jennifer guides teens to confidently navigate their own stress and improve their overall wellbeing by building positive attitudes, positive beliefs, and stronger communication skills. Level Up utilizes skills Jennifer obtained through the health coach training to include affirmations, smart goals, and vision boarding to foster personal growth within her clients.

Jennifer is engaged in health promotion through her increasing social media presence oriented around her Let Mama Live series, a faith-based initiative celebrating the joy in the struggle of motherhood. She features a different mother  each day on her Instagram, and hopes to develop a non-profit under the same name to benefit underserved mothers. Jennifer is currently in the  process of producing a Mama Moments video blog. Her vision behind these projects is to provide a candid reflection on the daily struggles of motherhood and emphasize the importance of personal wellness when caring for others. Jennifer is using her skills and knowledge as a health coach to both fulfill her professional goals and assist others in their journey to wellness and self care.